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Hello my name is John Power.

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Canterbury Plains

My Home

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Born and bred in Christchurch Canterbury.

I haved lived here in Christchurch all my life and have no intention of moving elsewhere at this time.

I love it here, being close to the water and the mountains and the pace of life to match

'I dont think I will be going anywhere in a hurry!'


Canterbury Intermediate Snooker
2007 Winner

My best effort to date

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I haved played Snooker at a serious competitive level for the past 4 years during which time I played the National circuit for a season obtaining a National rank of 17 at my best.

I enjoyed the tour and the competition. I gained a knowledge of where I was at in the game and what I needed to do to be a contender. I played two National Championships, the first during which I failed to win a frame and the second where not only did I win my first frame but I also managed to qualify to the post section KO stage.
My main goal in Snooker is to represent New Zealand at the World Masters as well as of course win the World Masters title.

Winning the Intermediate title was an important step in my bid to becoming a competitive force on firstly the local Canterbury snooker scene and all things going well on the National Snooker scene

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